Business Analyst

Introduction to Business Analyst

  • What the Business Analyst is and what do they do.

  • What are Business Analyst role and importance in different Industries.

  • Business Analyst areas of expertise in different projects and approaches.

SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

  • What is SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and difference phases.

    • ​What is Requirements Gathering phase:

      1. ​How to create a BRD to define the project scope.

      2. Understand the As Is Business.

      3. How to gather requirements through a series of JAD sessions and until all Business Rules, Functional Requirements , Non Functional Requirements & Use Cases are identified, Create an FRD and get a sign off from the SMEs.

    • ​What is Analysis & Design Phase:​​

      1. How to create Wireframes.

      2. What are the Use Cases and how to write Use Case Narrative.

      3. How to draw Activity Diagram, State Diagram, SwimLane Diagram, Use Case Diagram, Process Flow, Work Flow etc.

      4. How to conduct 'Use Case walkthroughs with SME's and get a sign off on Use Case Narratives.

    • ​What is Implementation phase:

      1. ​How to conduct walkthroughs with the Developers to help them understand the requirements & Use Cases.

      2. How to support the implementation effort by answering every question that the developers may have related to the To-Be Business.

    • ​What is Testing phase and different Environment:

      1. What are the Test Case and Test Case Narratives.

      2. ​Conduct walkthroughs with the Developers to help them understand the requirements, Use Cases & Test Cases.

      3. Conduct Weekly Bug Triage with Developers and Testers to go over outstanding bugs.

      4. Conduct Manual Testing.

      5. Coordinate UAT.

    • ​What is Deployment phase:

      1. ​How to write End User Training Manuals.

      2. What is End User Training.

SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

  • Technology Orientation (.NET, JAVA, C++, ... ETC)

  • Change Request Handling:

    • Feasibility and Impact Analysis.​

    • Change Control Board meeting and approval.

  • Data Analysis:​