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Microsoft Excel


Getting Started with MS Excel

  • Excel rows and columns

  • Worksheet and workbook

  • Fill a cell with text and numbers

  • Changing text in a cell

  • Formatting cells

  • The font format

  • Combine cells

  • Conserve your work


Functions and Formulas

  • Putting formulas in

  • Copies of formulas and data

  • Employing AutoSum

  • Understanding how things work

  • Making use of basic aggregate functions (Sum, Count, Average, Min, Max)

  • Duplicate formulas


Editing Tools

  • Utilizing the cut, copy, and paste methods

  • Placing values in paste special

  • Selection procedures

  • Navigational methods


Working with the Large Workbooks

  • Freezing and unfreezing panes

  • Splitting windows

  • Inserting page breaks for printing


Working with Charts

  • Using Chart Wizard, make charts

  • Creating several chart types

  • Charts should have titles and values

  • Chart formatting


Placement of Graphic Objects

  • Add and edit images and clipart.

  • Create and alter shapes

  • Workflow examples utilizing SmartArt graphics


Seeing a draught and printing

  • Viewing worksheet samples

  • Page creation

  • Worksheets can be printed on numerous pages.

  • Repeating columns and rows across several pages

  • Several worksheets to print


Operation of a Simple Database

  • Organizing tables

  • Using an auto filter to filter data

  • Citing information from other worksheets' data

    • Establish links

  • Using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts to Analyze Data

    • A pivot table report should be made.

    • Data analysis with pivot charts

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